Who we are

ASRA is a unique initiative catalyzing the development of practical tools decision-makers need to effectively cope with and navigate polycrisis. We are home to a global network of transdisciplinary experts and thought-leaders who are radically rethinking risk in order to improve policy and decision-making to the benefit of nature and humanity.

The Team.

Ruth Richardson

Executive Director

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Ajay Gambhir

Director of Systemic Risk Assessment

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Hanna Asipovich

Director of Network Facilitation

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Sarah Hendel-Blackford

Director of Systemic Risk Policy and Response

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Zabrina Kjeldsen

Operations Manager

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Kasia Murphy

Director of Communications

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The Network.

Cascade Institute

Alice Ruhweza

Global sustainable development practitioner

Jonathan Donges

Research Group Leader, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Aarathi Krishnan

FOUNDER - RAKSHA, Advanced Risk and Decision Intelligence

Nadim Farajalla

Chief Sustainability Officer, Lebanese American University

Mariana Rondon

Program Director, Plataforma CIPÓ

Vishwas Satgar

Professor, International Relations, University of the Witwatersrand

Rosemary Nantambi

Actuarial Consultant and Director, Callund Consulting Limited

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

Ortwin Renn

Scientific Director, DIALOGIK

Haripriya Gundimeda

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Department of Economics

Leandro Giatti

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Health, University of São Paulo, School of Public Health

Sumaya Nur Adan

Researcher, AI governance, University of Cambridge

Luke Kemp

Faculty Fellow, Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies

Jana Sillman

Professor, University of Hamburg; Cicero-Center for International Climate Research, Norway

Christopher Hobson

Associate Professor, Australian National University, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs

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The Steering Committee.

Elizabeth Cousens

President and CEO, UN Foundation

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Lou Munden

Founder, TMP

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Zora Kovacic

Senior Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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Tim Lenton

Director, Global Systems Institute and Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science, University of Exeter

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Ayan Mahamoud

Senior Programme Coordinator, Intergovernmental Authority on Development

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Michael Lesnick

Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Meridian Institute

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