Transforming multidimensional challenges 
into multidimensional possibilities.

We live in an age of complexity. But with that comes an exponential opportunity for positive transformation. 

Radically rethinking risk.

There is a growing number of systemic risks that could tip into global shocks, yet we lack the tools and mindsets to understand, navigate, and respond to these challenges effectively. The world needs a new, multidimensional approach to addressing the global polycrisis, starting with radically rethinking risk.

Our mission.

ASRA’s mission is to accelerate transformative action that protects the earth’s ecological systems and humanity from the threats of escalating and interconnected risks. We want to see systemic risk assessment as the backbone of policy and decision-making about current and future challenges.

Our vision.

The multitude of risks that threaten all humanity, species, and ecological systems on earth are tied together by their very nature, and responses must be as well. We’re working towards a world where we are able to navigate complexity and uncertainty, seize opportunity, and act together to ensure the mutual safety, sanctity, and well-being of interdependent human and non-human life on earth. Our vision is a future where all people, societies, species, and ecosystems thrive.

Our principles.

Navigating a polycrisis requires principles; they both shape our vision and guide our actions. We’ve developed a set of principles that help facilitate dialogue and collaboration, and inform decision-making. They improve current approaches to risk assessment and response by helping to cultivate shared values that recognize our fundamental dependence on, and place within, the larger web of life.